For the better part of 2013 I’ve been working on the Glorious 100. This project has helped me refine many things about The Glorious Monster (GM) from his design to the overall branding to the way the art work is designed as a whole. Three major things have changes over the course of the year: Branding, Design and Lighting. Lets look at how the branding has evolved over the course of the year.

Stage 1

The Glorious 100 - Branding - The Glorious Monster

When I first started doing this project my main focus was just being consistent and pushing out artwork everyday. With that being the focus the branding of the artwork was extremely rudimentary. Just a white bar with website in Helvetica Neue and the number. Since I wasn’t too confident in the brand (nor did I have one) I just wanted people to be able to find the site if they wanted to find more info. This lasted up until the Super Bowl. I was still doing daily monsters and felt it was necessary to start to build more of a brand around the artwork.

Stage 2

The Glorious 100 - Branding - The Glorious Monster

Also around this time I had a strict rule that all the GM 100 pieces had to have a crown. It was a centerpiece to each drawing and I decided to make that the focal point of the branding as well. I took the existing idea and tweaked it. Bold and Italics were added to the Helvetica and the number was blown up to make it stand out with the GM crown adding a stylized explosion to further emphasize the importance of the number. For me it made the pieces feel more connected. I loved it… for a while.

Stage 3

The Glorious 100 - Branding - The Glorious Monster

While working on the 808 cover I realized a fatal flaw to the design of the crown branding. It took up too much space and the crown itself cut into the artwork. I also found myself designing around the crown instead of just creating what I thought was best possible concept. The crown idea was still great but it began to appear less and less in each piece, less emphasis was needed in the branding. The Crown was shrunk and used as an accent that appeared above the number. It still drew the eye to the number which was important to me. I then switched website font to Gotham and number to League Gothic because they were thicker and read better to me at the smaller size the new branding appeared at.

Final Branding

The Glorious 100 - Branding - The Glorious Monster

At this time I was still working on GM being a clothing line and the concept of the silhouette came to be. I thought if I used something that the number could sit on then I wouldn’t have to worry about what the artwork would look like. The colors wouldn’t matter because I could always contrast it with the silhouette. The number/crown combo was switched out for the silhouette and the decision was made to keep this branding for the whole project.

Once the GM 100 is done I’m gonna go back and reformat all the artwork so that it has the same branding across the board. Consistency is key in branding and I want this to be one solid piece.

The branding for GM has been evolving since image one and it has reached its final form through trial and error, research and constant revisiting. This isn’t the best way to handle your brand but this was a project that was developed out in the public and I was willing to show my process. Part two of this three part article will cover design of the character and the rules that were created over the course of the year.

Do you have any questions about this process let me know in the comments below.