If you are a follower on my Instagram account (@popephoenix) you have seen my rough animation tests that I’ve posted over the last few months. I’ve decided that adding animation to my list of skills is the most artistically satisfying thing I can do right now, even if traditional animation has been taking a bigger backseat to 3D animation.

Above you see my first project “Ninja Beard” which is animated by hand in Photoshop’s Timeline feature which can be annoying at times but works. The version of CS6 I have is buggy and the new improved time like doesn’t work so I’m using the old animated gif style ┬áTimeline with its frame by frame style. It works and its cool but it can be frustrating when every time I create a new frame I have to go back through the animation and turn off the new layer.*

Ninja-Beard animation

Ninja Beard was created with the sole purpose of helping me learn animation. But like all projects like this will no doubt blossom into something bigger. I enjoy the character. He’s a little quirky and the world I envision him in totally and completely ridiculous.

Disclaimer: I have no previous experience with animation outside of years of watching Saturday morning cartoons and late night Anime marathons. This first Ninja Beard teaser is done with absolutely no actual reference or research on how to animate. I’m figuring things out on this first run. When this is done I will do begin my research and study some books. Until then I’m winging it.

This is a labor of love and hope one day to create a series that is beloved by many or just renowned as a cult classic. Enjoy the journey with me or at least the attempt. Ninja Beard will be around for awhile.